Daedalos is a tube meter/tester. With this device you can test line and power tubes.
It tests the tube filaments, anode and cathode over current, current leakage and measures gm in five different operating points of the tube.
Daedalos helps you to find out if a tube is worn out, or can cause damage to the device you intended to use it.
With Daedalos you can easily match your tubes.
The whole process is fully automated and it is very easy to use. At the end of each test there is a full report for the results.
Daedalos has a large library of tubes which is continuously updated.
The software updates are easily loaded through the USB port located on the side of Daedalos.
Tube adaptors are provided by Tsakiridis Devices for tubes that don’t match directly the tube bases on Daedalos.
Daedalos is a very useful and powerful tool for all tube enthusiasts.
The supporting Daedalos application gives you the ability to draw the characteristics of each tube on your PC and make meaningful comparisons.

Download Daedalos application:

Download latest firmware:

Want to build your own Daedalos application?
The Daedalos SDK is now open source! You can get it from here and start building your own application!


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